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Smart Gallery from Page Mage

Sell More to Each Buyer!

Once you get a buyer to your listing, show them other products you sell so they can buy more. Smart Gallery goes in the bottom of your listings and is the only eBay gallery that lets you pick the exact items YOU want to cross sell. You can feature related products, advertise your most profitable items, and more. And it’s free!

Customize With Your Branding

You can create unique messaging and a customized appearance to build around your brand. It's simple to use and fast to get started. Bulk apply to all of your listings with the click of a button. And it’s great for mobile users.

Smart Gallery Premium Gives More

All the features of the Free Plan but also lets you choose from gallery templates that display from 1 to 8 cross sell items at once. You can also create multiple galleries to feature special sales on specific items or categories, promote similar items, match galleries to keywords like 'Free Shipping,' or other scenarios, so you can control the items that your customers see.

Smart Gallery is an online application in the eBay Apps Center on No software to download. When you’re ready, you’ll be taken to where you can sign up and get started.

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See How it WorksGet Started >

  • Smart Gallery goes at the bottom of your listing description.

  • It’s easy to include the exact items, related products, your most profitable, and more.

  • Smart Gallery Premium lets you create multiple galleries that display on different listings.

Need more flexibility? Upgrade to Smart Gallery Premium

With Smart Gallery Premium you get all of these additional features at the low cost of $5.95/month.

  • Targeted

    Cross sell from 1 to 8
    targeted items at once

  • Galleries

    Create multiple
    galleries to display on
    different listings

  • Display

    Display galleries on
    listings based on
    category, keywords,
    or other options

  • Template

    Select from
    multiple template

What our customers have to say

  • “Got instant sales because of this app”

    - chilly5029
  • “I think this is a great aid for advertising. I should be able to sell a lot more. Easy to do, looks great and it’s fun!”

    - donnaranking50
  • “LOVE this app. It allows me to promote other items and most importantly I have the control over which ones to showcase. Thumbs up.”

    - Starseller340

Compare features and choose which version is best for youGet Started >

Smart Gallery logo Product Features
In the eBay Apps Center
$5.99 a month
In the eBay Apps Center
Cross sell items in your listingscheck markcheck mark
Seller picks specific items for your gallerycheck markcheck mark
Create unique messaging and a customized appearancecheck markcheck mark
Number of templates (1)check markcheck mark
Bulk apply to live listingscheck markcheck mark
Cross sell 2 targeted items at oncecheck markcheck mark
Support mobile devices including iPads and smart phonescheck markcheck mark
Cross sell from 1 to 8 targeted items at once check mark 
Create multiple galleries to display on different listings check mark
Display galleries on listings based on category, keywords, or other options check mark
Select from multiple template styles check mark
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