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Catherine Nicole


“I believe in giving my customers the most personal service, charging only what I need to, hand-making my product, and presenting it to my customers like they’re getting a present. I was not able to do this the way I wanted to when I used to sell to boutiques all over the world. SO last year, I switched to a no-middleman business model. Now, my product is almost exclusively offered through and Etsy, along with some other unique jewelry lines, and you get the jewelry for half the cost that you would at a retail store.

I use social media to give my customers and visitors a glance behind the scenes at a small fashion house, to let them know who I am and what I stand for, and to show them the newest designs and sales before anyone else. I also give style and accessory tips.

Social Beacon is great, because you can post on multiple platforms at the same time, but tweak each post & wording for that audience.  I speak to each audience & format each post differently for the various social media sites, and the apps I used before Social Beacon didn’t allow my to do that the way I wanted to."

  • Etsy

    "cnicole" on Etsy has 160 admirers.

  • Facebook

     Over 3,400 "likes".

  • Pinterest

    Over 1,560 Followers.

  • Twitter

    Over 520 Followers. 

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