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Branding Your eBay Business

June 28, 2012

Branding Your eBay Business

The e-commerce competition is fiercer than ever. You are competing against millions of other sellers, not just in the eBay Marketplace but across the Internet. You are not just a product provider but a service provider too. Do you stand out? Look credible? Learn the basics of branding and tips on how to improve your brand.

In this power packed webinar you'll learn:

- What is a brand?
- Why is it important?
- How do you evaluate your brand?
- How do you improve your business' brand?

And you'll receive a checklist to help you take action and start improving your brand immediately.

Presented by Chris Taylor, VP of Marketing for Page Mage and winner of eBay's 2011 Ecosystem Champion award. Chris has been in marketing for over 20 years. He'll be joined by Kat Simpson, eBay Education Specialist with That Kat Consulting. Kat has been an e-commerce merchant for over 10 years, maintaining stores on eBay, Addoway, Bonanza, and iOffer. Kat is also hostess of the popular e-commerce podcast, FBA Radio.

Watch the recording:

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