Page Mage was founded in 2008. We are transforming the way ecommerce sellers market their products. Page Mage provides easy to use applications for socially sharing, branding, and marketing your product listings for bigger profits.

Our new Social Beacon tool helps marketplace sellers grow their e-commerce business through social media marketing. Designed with and for marketplace sellers, Social Beacon accesses any of your eBay, Etsy, and Amazon listings and easily shares them on social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter with custom messages. As sellers grow their network, they can manage their social presence by redirecting shared links from sold or expired items to other products they are selling, not to the competition. Because your selling shouldn't end when listings do. Measure clicks and engagement on social promotions to know what works and what doesn't so the seller can post, manage, and measure their social selling success.

Our eBay App Center applications Billboards and Smart Gallery let eBay sellers create breakthrough listing designs and more effective use of listing space to stand out from their competition, look more credible and professional, and sell more.

Page Mage is dedicated to supporting the ecommerce community. We were pleased to be awarded the Ecosystem Champion Award by eBay for our ecommerce seller community building efforts.

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