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As a social media marketing coach, the question I hear more than any other is “Why do I need to do social media marketing?”. My top five answers for “why” are 1) Take control of your marketing, 2) SEO, 3) Branding, 4) Press Exposure, and 5) Direct Sales.

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“Social Beacon organizes my Social Media Marketing in one place and helps me keep track of what is working, learn best practices, and expand my reach.”

- Kat Simpson
Kat's Kloset and Kat's Boutique
Amazon eBay

“Social Beacon is the best social media marketing tool for eBay, Etsy, and Amazon sellers. Being able to post my listings directly inside the tool saves time which brings me back to post more often.”

- Sandi Garcia
Office Threads and The Vintage Floor
eBay Etsy


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Page Mage was awarded the Ecosystem Champion Award by eBay for our support of the eBay seller community.

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Page Mage is transforming the way ecommerce sellers market their products. We provide easy to use applications for socially sharing, branding, and marketing your product listings for bigger profits. Our new Social Beacon tool accesses your eBay, Etsy, or Amazon listings and easily shares them on social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Our eBay applications Billboards and Smart Gallery let eBay sellers create breakthrough listing designs and more effective use of listing space to stand out from their competition, look more credible and professional, and sell more.

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